I am a person who enjoys traveling, and there many places I want to go. But due to my health issues, I often times find myself putting off trips to take care of my physical health – especially during a flare up. But I feel that if you are passionate about something, you should pursue it to the fullest extent. That’s why I have started to do a lot more traveling, regardless of whether I’m sick or not.

But if you’re a solo traveler there are a lot more things you have to worry about, the most important of which is personal safety. Since I am the type of person and likes to travel off the beaten path I oftentimes worry that I may find myself in a dangerous situation. To remedy this, I have decided to start doing group tours with a few of my friends. Group tours are great – especially if they’re done with smaller groups.

There are many different companies out there that specialize in offering tours to people. However most of them are owned by big corporations and will oftentimes operate the tours with very large groups, and will not offer the amount of sightseeing locations a smaller tour company would.

I especially like the town of Kotor, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Highlights include into the Venetian fortifications, the maritime gate and the city walls which is quite unique looking, and the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in the old town area.

kopaonik  sait try

The tour continued on to interesting places in Kosovo on Serbia, and I especially enjoyed to drive along the valley of the river Ivar. It was very scenic and ended in one of my favorite part of the trip Kopaonik – the giant park and another UNESCO heritage site. The park is a ski resort journal winner, but luckily the newer their in the summer so was quite beautiful. It kind of reminded me of Yellowstone – another great place to tour that isn’t so far away!

river kotor

All in all, I had a blast. Original world travel really raises the bar when it comes to group tours. Their attention to detail, and hand knowledge of the locations and local cultures can’t be beat. They really do offer personalized experience and I was very pleasantly satisfied.

So if you are a bit squeamish about traveling alone, consider the above. Choosing a good small tour company will take a lot of the hassle town of planning your travels and we’ll give you peace of mind as well.