I have recently been trying to become more active and keep track of my sleeping issues with a fancy gadget called a fitness tracker. Why? well, despite the vast knowledge in life and science sleep remains an enigma to most, as people all over the world struggle with sleep related issues. In fact, the CDC called America’s sleeping problems an epidemic.

They highlighted that this issue led to poor economic productivity, sleep Apnea, sleep related accidents, and obesity. But science is slowly starting to unravel the mystery of sleep.




By use of “sleep trackers” it’s possible to monitor sleep patterns that learn about your sleeping habits and even the quality of sleep you get each night. Sleep trackers generally provide a fascinating insight into the mysterious world of sleep. As sleep is fundamental do health and well being, i feel it is definitely important to get yourself a sleep tracker to help improve your sleep quality, especially if you fund your self waking up feeling unrested or have trouble sleeping at all.

Over the years a wide range of trackers have been made but here are some features to look out for when purchasing a device.

Durability- Generally sleep trackers are designed to last long as you’ll be rolling around with them in bed, this is crucial in and tracker you buy and most are durable, especially modals from the likes of Fitbit. Stay away from no name brands like Xiaomi as they badly built and some pieces will pop off making the device incomplete and loosing partial functions. For a device involved with collecting data from your heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, muscle movement, brain waves and eye movement, it is essential to buy a product that is durable and fully functional for accurate results.

Alarm Function- Most sleep trackers will have this feature but will vary in their functionality, they will have different ways of waking you. With some people being light sleepers and others heavy sleepers, it is important to consider how the alarm actually wakes you. Some will give a gentle and short vibration that is just enough to wake light sleepers  other people in the room will barely hear it. While others will make a more violent vibration lasting longer for heavy sleepers, so when purchasing a sleep tracker make sure you know how the alarm functions and purchase one that suits you best.

Charging options- Some of the best sleep trackers use long lasting batteries. This is not a issue for users who don’t use the sleep tracker’s day time features and can therefore remove the device for a couple of hours and recharge, however this might create inconveniences for example if you forget to charge your device during the day.

Wrist bands- Most trackers will come in form of a wrist band and most wrists bands are pretty standard in size and length. This will ensure the sleep tracker fits as perfect as possible to give the best results, this is a feature to look out for when purchasing. There are also different styles and colors to choose from suiting your preference. Do not be shy to ask for the style or color you want, this might help you sleep even better. Many sleep trackers even come as stand alone devices that sit on your night stand.

Tracker tech features- Sleep trackers will come with all sorts of added features to help suit your need, this features run from blue tooth connectivity, internet connection, water proofing, removable displays, compatibility with smartphones and the like. This is more of a bell and whistle thing,  as some people may consider these features distractions and make the sleep tracker unnecessarily expensive while to others all these are important. Whatever your preference, be sure to check out what added features you get in the sleep tracker you want to buy.




Others features to check out before purchase include:

Price: You might be looking for a bargain when purchasing a sleep tracker and hence don’t jump to buy the first one you find, compare and you are going to find one in your price range. Brands like Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, and TomTom are all excellent choices.
Display: Screen displays in sleep trackers will vary with the device design, some are small, slim, large and most have an OLED display.
Size: Size matters for some of us, you might be bothered by a sleep tracker that you can feel around your wrist making sleeping hard and uncomfortable. Consider this when purchasing a sleep tracker.